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Angel-face-rose-bush, what are angel face roses?. although there are thousands of introduced hybrid rose varieties (rosa hybrida), for a lilac-mauve flower color, "angel face" (rosa "angel face") is still a standout.. I made a trade for six rose's 4 weeks ago and one of them was the angel face. all of them had been cut back hard and no leafs when i got them.the angel face is the only one that has already bloomed ! amazing.the flowers are tiny but i am not sure if they will get larger or nottime will tell., angel face . one of the best roses of the 20th century. the purest lavender color with one of the strongest fragrances in modern roses. ruffled petals add to the charm. a true floribunda in habit..

Noted for its intense fragrance, rosa 'angel face' is also prized for its large clusters of full, high-centered, pure lavender blossoms, packed with 25-30 elegantly ruffled petals, sometimes adorned with deep crimson at their tips. blooming in flushes from late spring until frost, the cheery blossoms, 3.5 in. across (8 cm), exude a rich citrus perfume. when wide open, they reveal a bouquet of ..., nearly flawless, angel face floribunda rose looks too pretty to be real. the lavender flowers with a blush of ruby red are ruffled, double and fragrant. the beauty of these blooms is well complemented.

Angel face - clusters of extra rich, deep-lavender semi-double ruffled blooms with a ruby blushed edge are blessed with just about the most wonderful and intense perfume in a floribunda. rich, dark-green foliage on a spreading plant provides a wonderful b, angel face. loads of ruffled lavender blossoms permeate the air with the strong perfume of sweet citrus flowers. a perennial favorite because of the low bushy habit, the nearly continual production of blooms, the unusual color, and the sweet fragrance. established plants give the most bloom..

Angel face blooms are an exquisite lavender color, edged in an attractive deeper ruby. and the fragrance of this aars winner is as appealing as its color. the 4'', ruffled-edge blossoms often grow on single stems as well as in clusters, making this floribunda a good rose for use as a cut flower. compact growing plant blooms abundantly., history of angel face roses: the floribunda rose angel face was first bred in 1968 in the united states by swim & weeks and then later introduced to market by conard-pyle. swim & weeks was a well known rose breeding pair that began in the 1950’s with their first creation that they named white charm..

'angel face' floribunda rose best of fragrance and form! 2 reviews — write a review. 5.0 2. lavender floribunda recipient of all-american roses selections award among many honors! read more . bareroot grafted item # 45036. sold out. $25.95. buy 3+ at $23.95 ea buy 5+ at $21.95 ea quantity. 24-inch bareroot tree item # 33146.