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Bush-plane-tires, that's what the original inventors of alaskan bushwheels sought to bring to the bush flying community: a tested and approved bush tire that gets pilots out into the wilds and back again safely. several years later and the brand includes two variants, the lightweight airstreak and trusty bushwheel. the brand is also "alaskan" in a real sense.. The best aircraft tundra tires for off-airport operations for over 30 years. our bushwheels and bush tires are the best from the classic gar-aero, to the new 31” tire from desser with the amazing 10-inch tubeless wheel from grove aircraft. seaplanes north is your ultimate alaskan back-country wheel and tire supplier., tundra tires are sometimes referred to as bush tires because they're perfectly suited for uneven or rocky terrain. the tundra tire category includes any rugged, heavy-duty tire that's designed for less than ideal conditions. they are made to meet or exceed faa standards, but also include special features like extra-strong sidewalls for added ....

Uncommonly pliable, alaskan bushwheels absorb the energy of those rough landings, taking the brunt of the impact off of your back, wheels, gear, and airframe. prop clearance. pretty simple, tall tires keep your nose high. this limits the chance of a prop strike during tricky ground maneuvers around scrubby thickets, over river rocks, and ..., aircraft spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies..

Tundra tire nation big tires are taking over in the bush. is this necessarily a good idea? by paul richfield. september 13, 2005. fl0905_tundra_main., huskylife. husky is your classic adventure that makes flying fun. in early aviation, most aircraft were light, rugged machines, able to land on short, rough airstrips or in any farmer’s pasture. today, aviation is more civilized. fortunately, there is still a descendant of that old-fashioned taildragger bush plane that can appeal to the.

Desser tire & rubber co., llc carries every aircraft tire and tube line manufactured in the united states, including goodyear, michelin, dunlop, condor, specialty tires and our own brand, aero classic.we also manufacture and distribute the aero classic "leakguard" tubes, which use proprietary compounds to prevent tube air seepage., much of gensco’s early business began helping farmers and ranchers in texas combat mesquite and huisache thorns. located all across the united states, our ‘no flats’ aircraft to ag tires were developed first for tractor fronts and wagons.