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Butterfly-bush-oregon, oregon’s noxious weed quarantine, oar 603-52-1200, was amended in 2009 as it pertains to butterfly bush (buddleja davidii / variabilis). as a result, only oregon department of agriculture (oda) approved seedless butterfly bush cultivars can be propagated, transported, or sold in oregon.. The oregon department of agriculture has approved all available varieties, with one caveat: we can't call it butterfly bush any more. in their view, butterfly bush is synonymous with the seedy type (b. davidii)., butterfly bush can be a very aggressive, or invasive non-native shrub that, in certain situations, can overtake native vegetation, according to horticulturists with the oregon state university extension service and weed biologists with oregon's department of agriculture (oda)..

The butterfly bush has all of the attributes of a dream plant. it is easy to grow, produces an abundance of fragrant blooms that bring in hordes of butterflies and is drought-tolerant., a: the first thing i always say about butterfly bush (buddleja davidii) is that it is invasive in oregon. it's been added to the state's noxious weed list. there are some species and new hybrids.... In oregon, oda completed a survey for butterfly bush in 2003. the survey showed regional concentrations in the portland area, on the clackamas and sandy rivers, in lane county, in coos county and on islands in the rogue river in josephine county., the butterfly bush is an open, multi-stemmed shrub growing from three to ten feet tall depending on the variety. the stems are brown in color, with narrow strips of flaking bark. the leaves are shaped like spear-heads and can be up to eight inches long. the leaves are quite thick, textured and soft to the touch..

Find vibrant butterfly bushes, buddleia, for your garden at, america's largest online nursery. shop now for butterfly attracting plants! nature hills is a complete garden center offering trees, shrubs, perennials, rose bushes, other plants, flower bulbs, and seeds., in oregon, the plant is listed as invasive and other states have declared it a noxious weed. to keep your butterfly bush's seeds from invading natural areas, it's vital to cut back the flower heads...