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Lilac-bush-colors, if you're wanting a lilac that's, well, not lilac, then give 'primrose' a try. the flowers of this award-winning shrub are a pale, creamy yellow and white color. as the plant ages, the blooms turn a deeper shade of yellow. its exceptionally fragrant blooms are fantastic in a flower arrangement.. Blooms are lilac-blue, sweetly fragrant and up to 10 inches long. this is a french lilac type that flowers in mid-may. shrubs form a multi-stemmed plant. use it as a backdrop for other plantings or plant several together for an informal screen., the ethereal blooms of "wedgwood blue" lilac manage to be energizing and soothing at the same time. repeat the wonderful lavender-blue tones in your landscape with companion plantings of wisteria, forget-me-nots, dutch iris, and grape hyacinth to capitalize on the tranquility of this hue. continue to 9 of 16 below. 09 of 16.

The most common lilac colors are "lilac", lavender, white, pink, blue, and purple, with many shades of these colors. there is single and double petal varieties. bushes can grow tall, as much as 30 feet. and, there are dwarf sizes which only grow about three feet high., the flowers are lilac-colored and have a strong fragrance. common lilac grows to a height of about 20 feet (6 m.). persian lilac (s. persica) – this variety grows 10 feet (3 m.) tall. the flowers are pale lilac in color, and about half the diameter of common lilacs..

The flowers of early lilac are usually white or pale purple in color and they are borne in loose terminal panicles. the leaves are oval-shaped, and dark green or blue-green in color, but turn reddish-purple in fall.