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American-hazelnut-bush, the american hazelnut is a relative rarity in garden and landscape settings.  this shrub should be a staple wildlife garden plant in natural style gardens due to its excellent wildlife value, reliability and attractiveness. it is also one of the few nut bearing native shrubs and is an excellent addition to your diet!. Corylus americana, the american hazelnut or american hazel, is a species of deciduous shrub in the genus corylus, native to the eastern and central united states and extreme southern parts of eastern and central canada. 1 description 2 ecology 3 uses, the american hazelnut grows in acidic, alkaline, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, well-drained and clay soils..

American hazelnut is a shrub or very small tree (3 - 8 feet) probably native to every county in missouri., american hazelnuts (corylus americana) are also commonly known as american filberts. they are deciduous shrubs that grow quickly to between 15 and 20 feet tall in u.s. department of agriculture.... The american hazelnut is a native plant (from canada to florida) that will grow into dense clumps and produce rounded edible nuts. the fall color is a mosaic of purple, red, orange and yellow. these nuts are useful as wildlife food. this shrub is best suited in a naturalized landscape setting., in nebraska, american hazelnut is a dominant shrub in the ecotone of forest and prairie [ 1, 33 ]. it is a dominant understory species in jack pine (pinus banksiana), paper birch (betula papyrifera), trembling aspen (populus tremuloides), and northern pin oak (quercus ellipsoidalis) communities of northern wisconsin [ 4 ]..

American hazelnut is a medium-sized shrub that is typically grown for its edible qualities. it produces brown nuts which are usually ready for picking from early to mid fall. the nuts have a sweet taste. the nuts are most often used in the following ways:, here in illinois and similar climates hazelnut is best to plant where sheltered from north and wes easy to crack hazelnuts are a favorite with nut lovers the world over. hazelnut grows normally into a large shrub 12-15' high but can be trained into a small tree. perfectly hardy wherever peaches grow..

 american hazelnut grows as a strong multi-stemmed shrub, with their edible nuts maturing in september-october. it is planted by wildlife enthusiasts to attract and keep game in an area. the nuts produced by american hazelnut are a mast of squirrels, deer, turkey, woodpeckers, pheasants and other animals.