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Bush-beefsteak-tomato, what happens when you combine meaty beefsteak tomatoes on a compact plant with early and prodigious yields? it's a "must-have" in our books, especially if you like to grow in containers or share our northern growing season. dress up your patio or small garden space with this determinate hybrid and feast on the 8–12 oz, flavorful fruit. clustered red fruits grow on bushy plants and mature .... This is the perfect sandwich-sized fruit produced on a square-foot, garden-sized plant. solid-fleshed fruits of a deep, rich red, average 8 ounces on vigorous, bushy plants., full description meet the best of the staked tomatoes-a standout for exceptional taste, size and quantity. this surprisingly compact (20-24") plant is just loaded with large, flavorful tomatoes. well-suited for a patios, small gardens and containers, the dwarf plants offer big meaty fruit (8-12 oz.) and early maturity..

Early maturing bush type plant produces high yields of 8 to 10 oz deep red beefsteak tomatoes. it is very sweet and flavorful. this is the perfect sandwich tomato! perfect for sandwiches, salads, and slicing., browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about tomato (lycopersicon lycopersicum) 'bush beefsteak' supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at dave's garden..

A wonderful, compact and prolific, short, bushy, determinate plant that grows to 3 feet, yields huge amounts of very early producing 8-10 oz. beefsteak tomatoes in clusters. a very popular variety for shorter growing regions., tomato beefsteak (bush) tomato beefsteak (bush) product description. $2.09 maximum quantity available reached. beefsteak tomatoes produce large, meaty, solid fruit that is slightly flattened and globe-shaped. with a mild and flavorful taste, it is great for salads and table use. online code: .... To properly care for beefsteak tomatoes, ample water, light and fertilizer are essential elements. beefsteak tomatoes and all other types of tomatoes require well-drained, nutrient-rich soil to be..., beefsteak tomatoes are by far the most popular type of home garden tomato grown in north america. these tomatoes grow fairly quickly, produce huge (up to 2 pounds!) fruits, and are relatively easy to grow. they are not often available in the grocery store as they are not well-suited to mechanized growing on a large scale..

Beefsteak tomatoes, aptly named large, thickly fleshed fruits, are one of the favorite tomato varieties for the home garden. growing beefsteak tomatoes requires a heavy cage or stakes to support the often 1-pound (454 gr.) fruits. beefsteak tomato varieties are late maturing and should be started indoors to extend the growing period.