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Bush-plane-kits-for-sale, the 4-place bearhawk bearhawk aircraft offers the finest, most capable two and four place kit utility planes to the homebuilt aircraft community, at prices that make our products the best value among kit planes. since we sold our first kit in 2001, many happy customers have experienced the thrill of the first flight in a real aircraft, built by their own hands.. The backcountry super cub revision 2 continues to build on our commitment to strive for the ultimate in aircraft performance. starting at $86,050. boss. the backcountry boss adds 12″ to the width of the overall plane making a 4 place super cub. starting at $92,050. aircraft. supercub revision-2. backcountry boss. sales., bush and stol (short takeoff and landing) light sport aircraft - where the pavement ends, the fun begins in these rugged outback s-lsa. the great outdoors is calling you! aeropro cz - aerotrek a220 taildragger. aeropro cz - aerotrek a240 tricycle-gear. aircraft manufacturing & design llc - stol ch 750. american champion aircraft - champ..

Bushcaddy is a canadian company located in quebec. it offers five kit plane designs, from an ultralight to a four seat design and all are designed for stol and the bush. being homebuilt, the builder has a wide choice of engine options and bushcaddy even provides some help in specifically tailoring an engine to a specific design, unlike many kit ..., the kitfox was introduced in 1984 and has continued its leadership in sport aviation. delivering easy to build kits, hours of flying fun, and impeccable safety, at a price the average individual can afford! the versatility, quality and safety is one of the best in the industry. welcome to the official website of kitfox..

Since our founding in 1985, murphy aircraft has seen steady growth in aircraft designs, sales, personnel, equipment, capabilities, and objectives. murphy’s 50,000-sq. ft. facility, computer-driven machinery, and expanding engineering staff are ready to tackle a wide range of prototyping and manufacturing activities., super cub kit comparison. we look at how these stalwart cub variants stack up in terms of capability, design, cost and performance. by. dave prizio-january 17, 2012. 0. backcountry cubs makes a very traditional super cub complete with rounded wingtips. this serves as the foundation for the highly modified mackey sq2 and a number of possible ....