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Bushes-with-berries-for-birds, arrowwood (viburnum dentatum) is a particularly good shelter plant for birds. hardy and adaptable, it grows 8-12 feet tall and features pretty, creamy white flower clusters in early summer. in late summer and autumn, bunches of blue-black berries appear. plant near other viburnums to ensure good pollination.. Beautify the boggy place in your yard with berry bushes that attract birds. chinese buttonbush (adina rubella) has tan and ivory berries, and grows 8 to 10 feet tall in u.s. department of..., the berry-producing shrubs and trees make flowers that develop into a colorful berries that attract birds to your backyard. the berry-producing shrubs and trees make flowers that develop into a....

Golden glow is one of the best pyracanthas for bright yellow berries that outlast any shrubs with red berries and as it also produces a dense network of armoured stems, it will give birds shelter and likely become a great nesting site for small birds, elderberry (sambucus). a hit with many birds, from wrentits to flycatchers, purplish-blue elderberries grow in clusters. if you somehow can harvest the berries yourself before the birds devour them, they make a delicious pie filling, jam or syrup. holly (ilex)..

Kate bradbury says. the more berrying plants you grow, the better. these provide a perennial source of nutritious, antioxidant-rich food for birds in autumn, which is a longer lasting and more reliable way to help birds than by filling feeders., berries are an irresistible sweet treat for birds, particularly in winter when food is scarce. the fruits produced by these trees and shrubs provide calories and crucial nutrients that your favorite songbirds need, especially during the cold months when other natural food sources are nonexistent or buried in the snow.. Bushes with berries. having food for the birds is essential. berries are a great natural way to supply them with food. they will eat the berries, and will always have a source of food nearby., viburnums are the stalwart of any good shrub border and not surprisingly they are also equally important plants for creating good bird habitat. viburnums provide everything from canopy that shelters the nests of smaller songbirds to a plethora of colored berries that birds love to feast upon.