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Bushing-current-transformers, bushing-type current transformers (bct) instrument transformers, inc. is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of instrument transformers. as part of iti™s product scope, the company produces a diversified range of bushing current transformers. bct which are installed on 600 volt, and higher electrical systems.. Bushing current transformers (bcts) are used for a variety of measuring, revenue metering and protection applications. peak demand bcts are designed and manufactured in accordance to customer specifications and can be tested to the applicable ieee, iec or gost standards. each bct is 100% routine tested to the specified standard and test reports ..., current transformers: bushing, auxiliary. class 4210 / refer to catalog 4210ct9701. bushing current transformers 50–400 hz. models 780 r, 781r, 785r, and 786r. ... bushing current transformers. window size (inches) catalog number current rating (amperes) relay class. ansi accuracy classification—60 hz ....

600v (low voltage) bushing current transformers. bushing cts. application : medium and high voltage circuit breakers, large power transformers. for gas insulated or oil-immerse applications; various construction options available – tape insulated cts with polyester file / cotton tape / fiber glass tape etc., obct ansi bushing current transformer low voltage multi-ratio, externally mounted, 25-60 hz, 600-3000 primary current externally mounted bushing current transformers are designed for use on existing power transformers or circuit breakers for relaying purposes..

The outdoor bushing current transformer (obct) is used for relaying and metering on existing power transformers or circuit breakers. product features • single and multi-ratio • externally mounted • 50-60 hz • 600 v class application the outdoor bushing current transformer is used for relaying and metering on existing power transformers ..., bushings are critical components in all electrical networks, as their chief role is to bring current at high voltage through a grounded barrier. abb offers a broad range of bushings for transformers, reactors, switchgear, and traction and wall applications in both oil impregnated paper (oip) and resin impregnated paper (rip) technologies..

Bushing of transformer ( for h.v side and l.v side ) the bushing of power transformer is a type of porcelain or ebonite post insulator put on the top or side of the transformer tank through which connections are made to the external circuit., bushing current transformers are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and customer specifications with more than forty years of experience in production. generally used in power and distribution transformers in oil, gas insulated systems or.

Application: the outdoor mounted slip-over bushing current transformer is self contained and designed to be mounted externally over the high voltage terminal bushing of power transformers, power circuit breakers and cable terminators (potheads).