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California-sage-bush, california sagebrush, of the asteraceae family, is a highly aromatic shrub that grows in coastal sage scrub, coastal strand, chaparral, and dry foothill communities, from sea level to 1000 meters (3300 feet). it is native to california and baja california. the plant branches from the base and grows out from there, becoming rounded.. Artemisia californica, also known as california sagebrush, is a species of western north american shrubs in the sunflower family., california sagebrush is a much-branched, drought-deciduous shrub, 2-5 feet (0.5-1.5 m) tall. the gray-green leaves are pinnately divided into 2-4 narrow segments with margins rolled under..

California sagebrush is an aromatic, native, perennial shrub that can reach 5 to 8 ft (1.5-2.5 m) in height. it has a generally rounded growth habit, with slender, flexible stems branching from the base of the plant., a prolific chaparral wild plant, california sagebrush (artemisia californica) grows near most hilly and mountain trails i explore. it can grow from several inches tall with a few stalks when young, to large round bushes 5-8′ tall. the stems are slender and flexible with thin threadlike leaves ranging from 1/2″ to 2 inches long.. California sagebrush is native to western california and baja, mexico. this plant is commonly seen in most of the plant regions of southern california (scrub, chaparral, alpine, desert valleys)., artemisia californica less. california sagebrush, coast sagebrush, coastal sage brush artemisia californica, a dicot, is a shrub that is native to california, is also found outside of california, but is confined to western north america. pests and pathogens from calinvasives. plant distribution. observation search ....

“california sagebrush” this california native artemisia is a very pretty feathery little shrub with beautiful silver foliage. it is so silver it looks almost white at times. growing to 3-4’ tall and wide., california sagebrush, artemisia californica, known as “herb of the virgin goddess” is a feathery soft silver leaved sagebrush of the sunflower family and known for its clean refreshing scent. it is a powerful remedy for colds, parasites, roundworms, pinworms, sore eyes, and stomachache..

California native sages sages, salvias, truly drought tolerant california native plants. depending on the flora there are 17 or 18 sages native to california. in california, the sages are visited by hummingbirds, bumblebees, wasps and bees.