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Common-snowball-bush, viburnum snowball bush is popular and easy to grow. this large shrub grows into an upright dense mound. the three-inch clusters of snowball flowers start out apple-green and morph to white, eventually fading to a rosy color, as do some hydrangea shrubs.  you can cut the flowers to use in displays.. The common snowball bush is stunning as a focal in mixed beds and cottage gardens. try this cool hardy viburnum in a formal hedge or screen. plant 8 or 9 feet apart for a dense screen. the common snowball is a striking anchor plant to soften the corners of your home., the most common is the european snowball bush, which is also called roseum, according to diy network. there are also other types, such as the japanese snowball bush, chinese snowball bush, and the fragrant snowball bush..

Common snowball viburnum tolerates full sun and part shade. it thrives in a wide range of soil conditions. in dry periods, give it additional moisture. viburnums appreciate having a few inches of mulch over the roots but be careful not to pile any mulch up against the stems of the plants., the common snowball bush is also known as cramp bark or water elder and originated in parts of europe and asia. the shrub gets its name from its blooms. the snowball bush typically grows from 10-12' tall and just as wide. when fall arrives, the leaves turn from green to a bright burgundy-red..

The snowball bush or its scientific name, viburnum plicatum, is sometimes simply called snowball viburnum for short. different snowball viburnum types include: v. burkwoodii - smaller with a fragrant, spicy aroma, this variety grows to 10 feet tall., snowball bushes (viburnum opulus "roseum"), also known as european snowball viburnum and common snowballs, are so named for their abundant spring blooms of 3-inch diameter globes of white flowers.....

Common snowball bush - white flowering live shrub bush - 1 plant in 1 gallon pot from grandiosy farm. shasta doublefile viburnum - live plant shipped 1 to 2 feet tall by das farms (no california) 4.1 out of 5 stars 10. $34.95 $ 34. 95. free shipping. only 12 left in stock - order soon., both are called snowball bush by commoners. snowball belongs to the genus viburnum. the plant is known to be available in three types, viz., chinese snowball viburnum (sterile), japanese snowball viburnum (popcorn), and european snowball viburnum―popularly known as european cranberry, water elder, and cramp bark..

Snowball bushes, also known as viburnum opulus "roseum," are tall ornamental shrubs that produce vibrant white blooms resembling their wintery namesake. their colorful spring and summer evolution begins with green blooms before turning bright white and fading to pink as they wither.