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Composite-boat-building-materials, a list of composite materials in boats composite materials are broadly defined as those in which a binder is reinforced with a strengthening material. in modern terms, the binder is usually a resin, and the reinforcing material consists of glass strands (fiberglass), carbon fibers or aramid fibers.. When folks refer to composite boat construction, they typically are talking about the method of sandwiching composite materials such as corecell, divinycell, or coosa (to name a few) between layers of fiberglass to create a strong, lightweight structure., as a way to reduce cost and added weight in boat building, composite designers determined early on that ‘sandwiching’ a low-density, lightweight core material, such as foam, honeycomb or balsa wood, between thin face sheets of composite can dramatically increase a laminate’s thickness and stiffness, while requiring a lesser supporting structure..

These notes will describe step by step how to build a boat in foam sandwich composite. the notes below are not about comparing materials, we focus exclusively on building., sandwich core composite materials not limited to boat building, there is a rapidly increasing demand for new materials and technology that offer higher strength to weight ratios. this demand has yielded great progress in sandwich core composite technology, affordability, and selection..

Students in the composite boat building program study the strength, stiffness, structural mechanics and finish of many different composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon, aramids, gel coats and coatings., browse our catalog of essential boat building supplies: marine plywood, lumber, epoxy, fiberglass, finishing supplies, specialty tools, and disposables.. Fiberglass is a weather resistant material that is easy to use over wood or other composite materials. fiberglass boat building has been a staple in boatbuilding / boat construction since world war ii. it is strong, fairly light, and does not expand or contract., coosa board is not uv stabilized. with time, the boards will change color when exposed to sunlight. we recommend that coosa board be either glassed over, carpeted over, or painted with a latex or enamel paint.