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Crepe-myrtle-bush-vs-tree, what is the difference between a crepe-myrtle bush and a crepe-myrtle tree ? the difference is in the pruning. you have to prune the crepe myrtle to have a single main stem to become a tree. if it.... The major problems with crape myrtle include japanese beetle, aphids, whitefly and powdery mildew. again, providing a good location and proper sizing to fit the site will minimize most of these problems, but monitor for them and treat as needed., crepe myrtle or crape myrtle (lagerstroemia indica) is a shrub or tree you may love or you may hate. you may love the pink, fuchsia, red, coral and white blooms, but you may hate the bare branches ....

Crape myrtle bush or tree? i just bought a young dynamite crape myrtle tree from lowe's about 4 feet high but it looks more like a crape myrtle bush than a tree. should i cut the lower branches and suckers off or should i just leave it alone?, crape myrtle - knowledgebase question. duncanville, te. question by gailchapmanc june 3, 2010. what's the difference between a crape myrtle tree and a crape myrtle bush? answer from nga june 3, 2010. 0. the only difference is the mature size. here's a chart to help you wade through the different cultivars..

Crape myrtles are shrubs and small trees that usually develop several trunks, although they can be pruned to a single stem. their first notable feature is the bark, which is smooth and shows a variety of colors, ranging from grey to cinnamon and soft pink., this started out as a bush, but i've bound the trunks together from spring to winter, then unbound them just for the winter. i also trim lower branches as they sprout. this is turning into a nice .... The way crape myrtles look in february and march is a travesty (a distorted representation of a tree) and a tragedy (an event causing great suffering destruction and distress) to the individual plants. to what am i referring, but the way the trees get brutally whacked and chopped by loppers and saws, and then get […]