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Decorative-evergreen-bushes, as with coniferous trees, adding some evergreen shrub varieties to the landscape can provide year-round interest. unlike the majority of evergreen trees, however, these shrubs include many small- to medium-leaf varieties in addition to the needle-leaf types. types of evergreen bushes. Evergreen bushes with decorative berries provide brightly colored berry that tend to attract birds to the garden. toyon (heteromeles arbutifolia), also called the christmas berry, reaches 6 to 8..., get free shipping on qualified evergreen ornamental trees or buy online pick up in store today in the outdoors department.. Also, little or dwarf decorative evergreen bushes enhance your home’s curb appeal in a front yard as they don’t grow so large that they hide your property. some of the best small or dwarf evergreen shrubs include:, euonymus is a genus that includes evergreen shrubs exhibiting some sort of variegation in their leaves. the 'emerald 'n' gold' cultivar explains the look of its bicolored leaves with its name. its foliage is emerald at the center and gold at the margin. 'emerald 'n' gold' grows only to around 2 feet tall with a 2- to 4-foot spread.. - 1000's of trees, shrubs, perennials, and more!, i have two decorative evergreen bushes in front of my house. i noticed that the bushes were dying from the inside out. when i went to "clean" out the dead areas i noticed white spots on the needles. after close careful inspection i was able to identify the spots as euonymus scale insect. i'm not sure what i can do about it. is the bush dying because of the insect?.

Ornamental trees and shrubs . big, beautiful trees to make an impact on your property this section of our website is broken down into 3 areas: deciduous trees (meaning they lose their leaves in winter), evergreen ornamental trees, and shrubs. please scroll down to see these selections of trees., hollies (ilex spp.) make excellent hedges, both because of their dense growth habit and their thick, evergreen foliage and bright, seasonal berries. american holly (ilex opaca), for instance, has....

There are small decorative evergreen bushes that line the walkway to the main entrance, and a row of decorative crab apple trees along the sidewalk that borders the east side of the square. in the summer, the shade from the mature spruces offer welcome