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Dwarf-burning-bush-tree, dwarf burning bush euonymus alatus 'compactus' sku #3360. a sensational accent or natural hedge prized for its intense scarlet red fall coloring. the interesting, compact, mounded form displays attractive rich green leaves spring through summer. exceptional when featured en masse, at the foreground of larger conifers or evergreen shrubs.. Dwarf burning bush really is a plant that belongs in every garden. it is the ideal background plant for a smaller space, since it stays around 6 feet tall, or a little taller, growing dense and neat without any care at all. it is very hardy, down to minus 30 degrees, it grows anywhere in the country, and it is also drought resistant., the dwarf burning bush is a more compact and smaller version of the regular size burning bush. don't mistake the smaller size to have less of the gorgeous red fall color, it still packs a lot of punch! be sure to plant in full sun for the best results. this bush is excellent as a hedge as it only needs to be pruned once a year..

The dwarf burning bush is one of the most beautiful of all shrubs, becomes a different color with each season. thick, green foliage in summer with orange-red berries. in the fall its color is brilliant coppery-crimson tinged rose. an unusual corky bark adds to the winter appe..., dwarf burning bush is aptly named because of the fire-red leaves that appear on its branches in fall. the dwarf burning bush can reach a height of 8 to 10 feet, but many gardeners prefer to prune it to a smaller height of around 5 or 6 feet..

The dwarf burning bush (euonymus alatus compactus) is a smaller version of the popular landscape shrub reaching heights between 6 and 8 feet. it requires the same growing conditions as the original...