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Dwarf-honeysuckle-bush, the dwarf bush honeysuckle is a small suckering shrub with bronze-green foliage and small yellow flowers. come fall, this shrub transform to a vibrant red color. this plant works extremely well for mass planting and sloping areas in your landscape. can be planted in sandy and dry soil areas.. Native to the united states, the dwarf bush honeysuckle (diervilla lonicera) is a small deciduous bush with ornamental features and a carefree attitude. use this tough little shrub as groundcover to prevent soil erosion. it works like a true champ to hold soil in place., the dwarf bush honeysuckle (diervilla lonicera) is a resilient, small shrub that is native to minnesota. this shrub is a fantastic choice for rain gardens and clay soils as it is low maintenance and cold hardy, while still exhibiting a beautiful burgundy fall color, and vibrant golden flowers in the spring..

Dwarf bush honeysuckle is a great shrub for those difficult dry, shaded areas. it is hardy in zones 3-7, spreads somewhat aggressively by rhizomes, and has beautiful red fall foliage (see image). the classic honeysuckle flower is a favorite of bees., diervilla lonicera, commonly referred to as northern bush honeysuckle, low bush honeysuckle, dwarf bush honeysuckle, or yellow-flowered upright honeysuckle, is a deciduous shrub native to the northeastern united states and canada..

Diervilla lonicera, commonly known as bush honeysuckle, is a suckering, densely branched, deciduous shrub that typically grows to 3' tall and to 4' wide. it is native to dry rocky open woodland areas and thickets from newfoundland to saskatchewan south to north carolina, tennessee and iowa., cool splash ® dwarf bush honeysuckle cool splash ® is the first variegated diervilla and its bright white stands out dramatically, even in shady borders. the cool foliage stays bright and clean right up until the first frost. bunches of yellow blossoms adorn the plant in june and july..

The cool splash dwarf bush honeysuckle has bright variegated, white and green foliage that stands out nicely, even in shady borders. at its maturity this shrub will be around 30+" tall and spreads even more. this is more of a slower grower than diervilla lonicera. if plants become overgrown with time, they are easily renewed at their base., proven winners 1 gal. scentsation honeysuckle (lonicera) live vine shrub with yellow flowers and red berries. model# lonprc1006101. free delivery with $45 order. set your store to see local. online orchards 1 gal. copper bush honeysuckle shrub brilliant yellow, nectarfilled flowers among copper and green leaves. free delivery with $45 order..

Honeysuckle bush care as mentioned above, the bush honeysuckle is perfect for making hedges, screens and borders. they can also be used as accent plants or standalone ones in landscaping. some people use this plant for preventing erosion of soil.