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Evergreen-bushes-zone-7, usda planting zone 7 a relatively moderate climate where summers aren’t blazing hot and winter cold usually isn’t severe. however, evergreen shrubs in zone 7 must be hardy enough to withstand occasional temperatures well below freezing – sometimes even hovering around 0 f. (-18 c.).. Junipers thrive in zone 7, and will fill your evergreen needs, whether you are choosing shrubs for zone 7 for groundcover, specimens or hedges. most junipers like sun and well-drained soil. the juniperus chinensis is a good dwarf plant to consider. it usually stays around 3 feet (.9 m.) tall., evergreen plants have the ability to keep their leaves throughout their growing cycle, unlike their deciduous counterparts. for usda hardiness zone 7 there are flowering evergreens that really make the landscape pop with color and interest..

L. axillaris is the best native option to use if you’re interested in growing an all-native garden. it is at its best in the southeastern united states, and offers handsome flowers and dependable foliage. growing zones: typically zones 5-8. 2. cherry laurel. also known as prunus laurocerasus, this is a favorite evergreen shrub in the ..., whether you live in the snowy north or the sunny south, evergreens provide year-round color, texture, and privacy. there are thousands of types of evergreen bushes in every imaginable height, shape, and color. from evergreen flowering shrubs to dwarf evergreen shrubs, here are our favorite varieties for your yard..

Bring part shade areas of your yard to glowing life with the bright pink flowers of ‘valley valentine’ pieris (p. japonica). dangling flowers open from deep red buds in late winter and early spring. also known as lily-of-the-valley shrub, pieris is a slow grower, eventually reaching a mature size of 5 to 7 feet tall and wide. use ‘valley ..., an evergreen shrub provides your garden with beautiful flowers throughout the year. making it popular among both landscapers and gardeners alike. the evergreen shrub is hearty, requiring very little maintenance and water. 1. broadleaf evergreen this rounded shrub has gorgeous vivid green foliage and is relatively easy to care. the broadleaf is ideal to be […]