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False-indigo-bush, false indigo (baptisia australis) is a native american beauty. in fact, europeans used to pay americans to grow this plant, for the dye they made from the blue flowers. true indigo was expensive and baptisia, which made a similarly colored dye, grew like a weed. that's why it's called false indigo.. Amorpha fruticosa l. – false indigo bush subordinate taxa. this plant has no children legal status. noxious weed information; this plant is listed by the u.s. federal government or a state. common names are from state and federal lists. click on a place name to get a complete noxious ..., amorpha fruticosa is a species of flowering plant in the legume family (fabaceae) known by several common names, including desert false indigo, false indigo-bush, and bastard indigobush..

False indigo bush is a perennial shrub in the fabaceae (pea) family. while it is native to the great plains of the north america, it is typically considered invasive in the northwest, as it can form dense thickets in riparian areas. it is a fast growing legume that produces its own nitrogen, giving it advantages over other plants., false indigo bush is a 6' to 10' tall native perennial shrub. it is a legume and grows best in medium to wet soils in full sun or partial shade sites. this plant features woody lower stems, branch stems with alternate leaves, and showy terminal spike-like racemes of small tubular dark blue flowers..

False indigo-bush is a 6-10 ft., loose, airy shrub which often forms dense thickets. plants develop a leggy character with the majority of their pinnately compound, fine-textured foliage on the upper third of the plant., the desert false indigo or indigo bush (amorpha fruticosa), is a shrub that grows from 3 m to 5 m tall..

False indigo flowers members of the fabaceae or pea family, false indigo flowers’ distinctive pea-like blossoms also come in white (baptisia alba) and yellow (baptisia tinctoria) as well as the more widely known blue (baptisia australis). there are also several hybrid cultivars on the market today., baptisia australis, commonly called blue false indigo, is an upright perennial which typically grows 3-4' tall and occurs in rich woods, thickets and along streambanks from pennsylvania south to north carolina and tennessee.