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Flowers-that-grow-in-bushes, hardy and fast-growing, the nanking cherry produces fragrant white flowers in spring. a larger shrub or small ornamental tree, it grows 6 to 10 feet tall and wide. after the spring bloom, you’ll notice small fruits, a favorite of many songbirds. use nanking cherry in the landscape for a hedge, border or specimen planting.. You can grow things like vegetables: tomatoes, potato's and squash and such. you can grow trees as well as flowers, fruit, bushes, grass and vines., the butterfly bush has fragrant lilac-like flowers that grow 4 to 10 inches wide and in a variety of colors including, white, yellow, pink and purple. drought- and heat-tolerant, the butterfly bush is a hardy plant to prune in late winter to promote new growth in spring..

Anthurium is an exotic looking indoor plant which flowers all year round. they are also known as the flamingo flower or tail flower. anthurium is found to grow well in temperatures of about 25-28 degrees celsius. the plant needs indirect sunlight and moderate but regular watering., sunflowers may set the standard for giant blooms in the flower garden, but not all sunflowers are created equal when it comes to size. 'mammoth' is an heirloom variety that reliably produces 12-inch flower heads packed with oil-rich seeds. 'sunzilla' is a newer hybrid bred to grow a sturdy 16-foot stalk capable of supporting the giant blooms..

Azaleas and encore azaleas are broad leaved evergreen shrubs. common azaleas bloom in spring, while encore azaleas are repeat bloomers that display multiple bloom cycles from spring through fall. both types are available in a multitude of colors. butterfly bushes are some of the best anchor plants for pollinator gardens., you can grow  bougainvillea  as either a shrub or a vine. besides having lovely flowers in pink, magenta, and other colors (with a papery texture), some bougainvillea bushes even have variegated leaves. this is a sensational plant in warm climates (zones 9 to 11), where the mild weather allows it to grow to its full potential..

Daylilies (hemerocallis) are one of the most sought-after perennial flowers that bloom in summer. the color and shape of a flower from one species varies significantly from other species of the same genus. besides variety, another plus point for growing the daylily plant is its adaptability in a wide range of growing conditions., it is a spherical red berry which appears on the tiny white flowers that grow in bushes. it is hot in taste with appetizing aroma properties and extensively used in culinary applications. the consumption of black pepper powder mixed with ginger juice can provide relief in cases of indigestion and cold..

Grass-like leaves are thick and succulent. yellow flowers in spikes. native to south africa, but widely cultivated. more information ... cornstalk dracaena. one to several meters tall/long stems in forest understory. terminal clusters of white or wine-colored flowers. more information ... reclining date palm.