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Grape-holly-bush, native to western north america, grape holly is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that will grow wonderfully in the shadier spots of your garden. grape holly displays its new foliage in an alluring red color and has wonderfully fragrant yellow flowers in spring. these fragrant flowers then give way to blue-black berries that are quite attractive. the berries from grape holly are edible and are .... The genus name mahonia honors american horticulturist bernard mcmahon (1775-1816). mahonia aquifolium is knownby many different common names including oregon grape, hollygrape or grapeholly. the slightly fragrant flowers are the state flower of oregon. they are followed by clusters of edible berries that are not particularly tasty when eaten ..., oregon grape holly is an evergreen shrub growing 5 to 6 feet tall from branches produced by a slowly spreading underground root system. it's neither a grape nor a holly but a member of the barberry family. it has compound leaves with 11 to 19 leaflets, each about 2 inches long and ringed with spiny teeth..

M. repens likes full sun in cool climates and afternoon shade where summers are hot. plant creeping mahonia as a ground cover in a variety of situations. it serves to stabilize soil on slopes and hillsides, and it is deer resistant, making it a good choice for woodland areas. caring for grape holly plant. both oregon grape holly and creeping ..., adding color and splendor to the shade garden, mahonia aquifolium (oregon grape holly) is a striking evergreen shrub with multi-season interest. in spring, racemes of cheerful, bright golden-yellow flowers appear just above the leaves. lightly fragrant, they attract pollinators before giving way to clusters of dark blue-purple, edible berries in late summer..

Creeping grape holly is a low-growing shrubby plant. it grows six to 12 inches high, but height is easily controlled by pruning, which will also encourage the plant to become fuller in width. the cut stems are very useful in winter holiday wreaths and arrangements., the oregon grape, also known as oregon grape holly, is an american native shrub that is an attractive and useful low-growing evergreen for woods and shady gardens. it has bold, divided leaves that are bronzy in spring and rich glossy green all summer. the sprays of yellow flowers are one of the earliest flowers in the garden and are followed by ....

The oregon grape (mahonia aquifolium) is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that grows well in shadier originated in western north america and is the state flower of oregon. it will provide color throughout all four seasons with its green and burgundy foliage, yellow flowers, and purplish-blue fruit., sky pencil japanese holly (ilex), live plant, upright growth habit. holly sky pencil plant. bordeaux yaupon holly (ilex), live evergreen shrub, burgundy-red new foliage. compacta japanese holly (ilex), live evergreen shrub. new brighter blooms 3 gal. sky pencil holly shrub. new southern living plant collection 2.5 qt.