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Lilac-bushes-for-sale, new spring hill nurseries donald wyman lilac (syringa) starter hedge kit, live bareroot shrubs, 12 in. to 18 in. tall (5-pack). Lilac plants top selected products and reviews bloomerang dark purple reblooming lilac (syringa) live shrub, purple flowers, 4.5 in. quart by proven winners currently unavailable. "it has already flowers and it’s beginning to spread a wonderful smell in the ..., lilacs. fragrant classics perfect for borders. cultivate classic lilac plants for attention-grabbing centerpieces, or grow a flowering lilac bush for a border or walkway. look for lilac flowers to burst open beginning in spring, with long canes producing voluminous pink, yellow, white, red, purple or blue blooms. plant a lilac tree and enjoy ....

Lilac bushes are typically 6 to 15 feet tall, but their size can be modified by pruning. some are smaller, and the tree lilac, which is an entirely different species, grows into a medium-sized tree, reaching 20 or 30 feet. using lilac bushes in your garden. lilacs can be used in many ways in your garden., lilac cultivars range in hardiness from zones two through ten. while the bloom period of a lilac is only for a few short weeks, planting several different lilac cultivars together can make a bloom period that lasts up to four months. one of the most common lilac cultivars is the purple lilac, or syringa vulgaris..

The sight and smell of lilacs in bloom is an experience you won’t want to miss! lilac bushes come in a many different shapes and sizes. they usually have dark green foliage, and their blossoms range from purple to white — and many colors in between. you can plant several in a row to create an attractive border, hedge or natural windbreak., lilac trees. lilacs come in a wide variety of colors such as pink, white, purple, blue, magenta, and lilac. lilacs typically bloom for a four to six week period in april, though some varieties will bloom a bit later in early summer. the blooms of the lilac tree are commonly used as dyes or in essential oils for perfume..

Lilacs are treasured for their colorful flower panicles and sweet fragrance that perfumes the warm spring air. this easy-to-grow classic shrub is a delightful addition to the landscape or in the garden. lilacs are equally prized as a cut flower and will scent the home with their sweet lilac fragrance., gardeners have been enjoying our lilacs for years and are one of our top selling bushes. their robust growth, massive blooms and fragrant smell make them a pleasure to have in any garden! lilac flowers are best in full sun but they tolerate light shade..

It is from this reliable, hardy species that the modern french hybrids were developed. plant now for a lifetime of fragrant lilac blooms each spring. old fashioned lilac bushes make a beautiful 8-15' hedge planting 4' apart. sturdy 6-12'' plants. attracts butterflies, fragrant, deer resistant, good for cutting.