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Patio-blueberry-bush, patio blueberry bush fresh blueberries from a container plant? believe it! believe it! even apartment dwellers can enjoy harvesting fresh plump blueberries from an ornamental bush that grows great in containers. enjoy showy, bell-shaped flowers in spring. likes moist, acidic soil.. If you love blueberries, but don’t have much space to grow them, then patio blueberry plants will help you explore new possibilities. sometimes called “dwarf blueberries” these plants make great options for containers, since they stay naturally small. plus, you’ll still get full-size fruit at harvest time!, our patio blueberries are newer cold-hardy varieties developed for this century. these compact blueberry plants are about 3 feet high when full-grown, and a perfect fit in patio planters to decorate your decks, porches, patios, and sidewalks year-round..

Patio blueberry plant collection. half of my blueberry bush order looked very healthy and half of them were dead. i was told to wait and see if they come back after several days of watering but they did not. so by the time i gave these dead looking blueberry bushes some time, the product was out of stock. very disappointed., tophat patio blueberry plant grows just 1-1/2 ft. tall, making it perfect for containers. tophat has a lovely compact mounded shape and is loaded with white blossoms in the spring and red foliage in the fall. in late summer, you'll be rewarded with hundreds of full-size, firm, flavorful, dusky blue fruit with wild blueberry flavor..

1. place the container where the blueberries are exposed to at least six hours of sunlight per day. move the container into shade during hot summer afternoons., growing blueberries in containers are so easy and effective that you might want to try it even if you have enough outdoor garden space for this vitamin- and antioxidant-rich fruit. the plants can thrive and bear fruit in containers in any area that gets a lot of sunlight..

Dwarf blueberries offer a convenient combination of compact size and high yield. these species do well in container gardens on porches or patios. besides bearing fruit, the plants provide color..., it's easy to grow blueberries in containers on your deck or patio. that's a boon for small-space gardeners -- and it's fun to have the berries to pick at the outdoor breakfast table even when you have a blueberry hedge elsewhere in your yard. blueberries are at the top of the health-boosting hit parade and they're popular with all ages..

Have a smaller space? no problem. choose a dwarf variety and plant in a container. gurney's carries a wide selection of blueberry plants. all of our blueberries are self-fruitful, but will produce better crops and higher yields if more than one variety is planted.