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Pink-almond-bush, dwarf flowering almond is a multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub. in the lingo of plant taxonomy, this pink-flowered bush is called prunus glandulosa 'rosea plena.' the cultivar name breaks down as 'rosea,' meaning "pink," and 'plena,' meaning "full" or "double." this name thus tells you two things about the flowers: their color is pink, and they are double flowers.. Pink flowering almond bush - pink flowering almond is a flowering shrub blooms profusely in the early spring with different shades of pink blossoms. the pink flowering almond will fill an area that needs groupings or small hedges of early blooming shrubs. this small growing flowering tree in early spring with a display of very light pink flowers before the leaves appear., flowering almond, or double flowering plum (prunus triloba), is a deciduous tree with gorgeous spring flowers blooming pink with double petals. this medium growing rosaceae family member is a lovely addition to accent shrub borders around parking lots, strip plantings, or around a deck or patio. the flowering almond makes a striking specimen plant..

Spring flowering shrub! the pink flowering almond has pink, very double flowers that literally cover this compact 3-4' shrub all the way up and down its branches, starting the second year in april-may. pink flowering almonds are one of the most desirable spring flowering shrubs available. sturdy..., the pink flowering almond is a simply perfect burst of color to the landscape. the pink flowering almond bush has become a favorite throughout the united states. nature hills ships directly from the grower to guarantee the highest quality plants for sale!.

The double pink flowering almond is another early spring bloomer. the flowering almond is covered with double pink carnation-like blossoms. this plant does best when planted in a protected place and well-drained soil. matures to 5-6' high & wide., browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about prunus, dwarf flowering almond, pink flowering almond (prunus glandulosa) 'rosea plena' supplied by member gardeners in the plantfile....

The flowering almond bush (prunus triloba and prunus glandulosa) is a small tree or big shrub that’s covered in pretty, pearly pink blossoms every spring and offers lush greenery throughout the ..., a hardy spring-blooming shrub, flowering almond is a reliable performer that is smothered in bright pink double blossoms every year. sometimes the flowers are followed by small round red fruit that is coveted by squirrels. flowering almond is much more cold-tolerant than flowering cherry, so it’s a good substitute in zones where winter temperatures go below freezing.