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Service-berry-bush, serviceberry bushes (amelanchier spp.), also called juneberry or shadbush, are large deciduous ornamental bushes or small trees that vary in size and form depending on the species. these plants,.... The apple serviceberry is a cross between the downy serviceberry (amelanchier arborea) and the allegheny serviceberry (amelanchier laevis). you can prune it to assume a small tree form with one trunk, or leave it as a multi-stemmed shrub. the white blossoms are especially large on this hybrid., serviceberry trees display white blooms just before their foliage emerges in early spring, offering some of the earliest sources of nectar for pollinators. the five-petaled flowers closely resemble apple blossoms but with skinnier petals. after the show of these blooms, clusters of edible berries form..

The serviceberry shrub, also referred to as the juneberry, saskatoon or shadbush, produces showy flowers and edible berries. as a native plant, serviceberry works well in just about any garden, especially in open woodlands where it thrives under oaks or pine trees., smooth serviceberry (a. laevis) is larger shrub or small tree, often reaching heights of 40 to 45 feet, and is native to east central minnesota. saskatoon serviceberry (a. alnifolia) is a native of western minnesota's prairies and is a 6-to-9-foot shrub. this species produces the best quality fruit..

A small tree or large shrub in form, and bearing many names, this american native plant is beautiful in early spring for its billows of lacy white blooms and beautiful again in autumn for blazing..., serviceberry shrubs grow in a variety of heights and widths, which makes them perfect for multiple uses. the common characteristic of the serviceberry family is its beautiful, perfectly formed, 5 petaled, fragrant, white flowers.. Serviceberry comes in both tree and shrub (multi-trunk) forms, and pruning determines its shape. they grow 1' to 2' a year, so they’re a good choice if you want a tree that won't grow like crazy and take over your yard. serviceberry reaches a mature height 15' to 30' tall with a spread of 15' to 25', and has an airy, rounded shape.