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White-flowering-bush-sweet-smell, learn about the plants that you should have in your gardens if you want your yards to be full of fragrance. from perennials and lilac bushes to drought tolerant shrubs with pink flowers, these plants will turn your yard into a sweet smelling wonderland! #fragrantshrubs #fragrant #bushes #shrubs. Zones: 5 – 10 (depending on the variety) light: part shade. size: 2′ to 4′ tall and wide. the first bush on my list of white flowering shrubs is daphne. daphne can be a little finicky to get going but its flowers have a beautiful fragrance that i think is worth the effort. and once they are established, they are relatively low maintenance., korean spice viburnum (viburnum carlesii) is an example of a shrub that boasts early-spring flowers (april) as well as fall color.the buds are pink but then open to become clusters of white flowers. the bush is named for its fragrance, which contains a combination of sweetness and sharpness..

This is a large shrub, sweet smelling, small white flowers that grow in a grape type of cluster. the leaves of the shrub were slightly variegates green and yellow or white. would love to know what this plant is., lend amazing aroma to your garden with our sweet smelling shrubs for sale!.

Planting fragrant shrubs adds a new and delightful dimension to your garden. if you are thinking of adding fragrant flowering shrubs to your backyard, you?ll be interested in learning about the best fragrant shrubs to select. this article will help., from scents of jasmine to pineapple, these fragrant shrubs are a breath of fresh air. producing fragrant white flowers in summer, the star jasmine is an evergreen, woody climber with oval leaves. a compact deciduous shrub, the viburnum offers clusters of pink buds that produce fragrant white flowers in mid- to late spring..

Shrubs have many uses in the landscape, but gardeners who appreciate sweet-smelling plants will be especially drawn to the most fragrant shrubs. whether cold-hardy or tropical, bushes in this group are valued for scenting the air and thereby diversifying the enjoyment of your yard. the blooms on many of these also boast great beauty., viburnums are tough as nails, and these spring-blooming shrubs offer pretty pinkish-white flowers with a distinctively spicy scent. generally deer-resistant, too. likes part sun to sun. • spice girl: pinkish flowers on a sturdy shrub with good fall color. • spice baby : white flowers on a more compact plant..

Bearing fragrant pale yellow flowers that hang from bare branches like intricate earrings, winter hazel blooms in late winter or early spring. like evergreen shrubs, it adds interest even when there's snow on the ground. it grows to 15 feet tall and wide and grows best in moist, well-drained soil in sun or part shade. zones 6-8.